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VIP Wellness Day

VIP Wellness Day These fully integrated NeuroYoga™ “One-on-One” days are for those who are seeking more than just a physical yoga practice. We share a hand crafted organic gourmet meal, some yoga of course, and we also explore Yoga2Life™ Coaching to deconstruct what is happening in your life to see where greater synthesis might occur, where bad habits are sabotaging your goals, or how to tailor a meditation practice and self-care rituals that will keep you on the path to success!! No two VIP DAYS look alike! They are 4 hour exploratory experiences customized uniquely for you or someone special. Makes a great gift for a special occasion. Limited to the Dayton Ohio area within a 40 mile radius. You will be contacted after purchase to schedule and plan the details of your awesome day. Let’s play, grow, and balance!

The 10 Keys To Happiness: "Simple Ways to Be Happy and Enjoy Your Life Regardless of Circumstance"

Practical steps based on neuroscience to enhance your life happiness 13 Chapter e-book (62 pages )

Tranquility - Phase 3 Yoga or Meditation Music

Tranquility Yoga/Meditation Music was inspired by the calm stillness that I have experienced during decades of yoga practice. The meditation's genesis was at the request of the many beloved students that have graced my path. It is my sincere hope that it will aid with their yoga/meditation practice.
=== On-line NeuroYoga.Zone Mindfulness Class === (6 wk) Begins Wednesday 5-17-17 You can attend this class from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device, or by phone. Each class will be recorded, and be available through the term of the class for review or if you miss a class.
NeuroYoga.Zone Coaching -Tuesday, February 21, 2017
The NeuroYoga.Zone is now offering Life Coaching, "Yoga2Life" (tm) Coaching, or Meditation or Mindfulness Coaching Sessions.
These Neuroyoga.Zone offerings are designed to help individuals participating in 12 Step programs to begin a new meditation or mindfulness practice or enhance their existing practice.