Are you breathing in a healthy way?

Many people are not and it impacts their health. If you breath through your mouth, you are reducing many health benefits.

We often overlook the how we breath when it comes to how it affects our health.

Breathing is one of the most fundamental things we do, day in and day out. Most people take it for granted that they do it correctly. It has been estimated that approximately one-third of people don't breathe well enough to sustain normal health. These people do not get enough oxygenation of their cells, tissues and organs.

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Nose breathing rather than mouth breathing is beneficial because it:

  • Warms, moistens and filters the air
  • Traps large particles with the nose hairs & small particles via mucous membranes
  • Facilitates inhalation of nitric oxide – a vasodilator & bronchodilator that increases oxygen transport throughout the body
  • Helps prevent colds, flu, allergic reaction, hay fever, irritable coughing
  • Retains some moisture from exhaled air, preventing nasal dryness
  • Provides a sense of smell
  • Regulates (slows) airflow because of the nose’s intricate structures
  • Facilitates correct action of the diaphragm
  • Promotes activity of the parasympathetic nervous system, which calms and relaxes the body, slows the breathing and the heart, promotes digestion
  • Allows the correct position of the tongue (against the upper palate) and lip
  • (together), assisting formation of the natural dental arches & straight teeth
  • Reduces likelihood of snoring and apnea

                     Source: JUNE 2018 CONTENTMENT 4, The American Institute of Stress

Your breath can also be the simplest and most effective stress management tool you have.

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