NeuroNudge Cards - Series1

Set of 12 4" x 6" NeuroNudge(tm) Cards.

The latest Neuroscience reveals that our brains have neuroplasticity; our brains and habits can change by focusing on what we wish to establish as a new habit and repeat for at least 28 days to form new neuropatterns.

This is great news, since many of us struggle with changing habits. However, if focus on making small changes and then consistently and repeatedly practice them (physically or mentally) for at least 28 days, we will experience change. One of the mental habits most of us have is negative thinking, or a least not optimal mindsets. But, changing our focus and then repeating a new mental pattern for a month or more, we can make it stick long term. NeuroNudge(tm) Cards leverage the neuroplasticity preinciple.

These beautifully crafted cards 4" x 6" (printed on quality glossy photo paper) have amazing photography paired with an insightful NeuroNudge™ to inspire a change of mindset. Each card is different.

They can be placed throughout your home of office as nudges, or focus on one each day for a month, then change to a new on for a year long mindset transformation program.

Want to send a inspirational message to someone? Just send them a NeuroNudge™ as a postcard.

Image of a NeuroNudge(tm) cards

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