NeuroYoga.Zone adds Resources for 12 Step Programs

Monday, May 20, 2019

The Neuroyoga.Zone Store adds Resources for 12 Step Programs. These offerings are designed to help individuals participating in 12 Step programs to begin a new meditation or mindfulness practice or enhance their existing practice. They are based in the latest neuroscience; which validates the effectiveness of the techniques, as well as their benefits: reduced anxiety or depression, improved self-awareness, greater life satisfaction... just to name a few.

Why not experience the promise of step 11, by exploring these life enhancing tools?
What is it costing you not to leverage meditation, or mindfulness?
Why not reduce the stess associated with recovery?


Transform the tyranny of stress to tranquility! 


Reduce your stress, improve your brain, get stronger, healthier, more relaxed, and self-actualize!

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