Concierge Services

NeuroYoga.Zone™ Concierge Services


  •          Want to avoid the crowds of fitness centers?
  •          Want to avoid noisy environments of fitness centers?
  •          Need your specific concerns addressed outside of a group class setting?
  •          Or, just want to pamper yourself, or gift someone special?
  •          Want to bring wellness programs to your workplace?

Why not schedule NeuroYoga™ at your personal convenience. Let me know a place and time and I will bring NeuroYoga™ classes:  Yoga, Meditation, or Mindfulness and all the benefits directly to you. Concierge/private instruction (individuals or groups) at your home, your office, or event. I'll even add a healthy organic meal, if you want to complement your NeuroYoga™ experience with a culinary one.

Unlike everyday yoga classes, concierge lessons are a one on one or a small group experience with an instructor, rather than generic classes where you are crammed into a full room with other people. Private Sessions can bring about improvements to one’s physical and mental health and help one achieve personal yoga or life goals. Individual, small group classes, or couple’s classes are available.