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Monthly access to "NeuroYoga" ™ Zone Meditation recordings on-line.
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Monthly access to "NeuroYoga" ™ Zone Meditation video/audiorecordings on-line.

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NeuroYoga.Zone™ Meditations integrate the latest neuroscience with the wisdom traditions of Meditation and Mindfulness to quicken obtaining inner balance by using “NeuroPatterning” to aid with:

  • reducing stress
  • reducing anxiety, panic or worry, or depression
  • lowering blood pressure
  • easing PTSD and Trauma
  • increasing focus
  • aiding sleep

and more...

Neuroscience reveals that we have 60 - 80 thousand thoughts a day. Quite a bit of time spent avoiding who we really are and our true potential, or looping through negative and anxious thoughts. And the whirlpool of thought is the source of a great deal of our problems in life.

As a master yoga, meditation, and mindfulness instructor for four decades, Keith Engelhardt has been committed several to helping people release and reverse the impact of stress and is a member of the American Institute of Stress. He has also taught yoga to the touring cast of CATS™. In addition, he is a certified Yoga2Life™ Mentor Life Coach, and has a certificate in Neuroscience and Yoga in the Treatment of Complex, Developmental, or Repeated Trauma.

Keith has carefully crafted these NeuroYoga.Zone™ Meditations to help you "Transform the tyranny of stress to tranquility!™"

New meditations are continuously added.

Here's are a couple sample recordings:


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