NeuroYoga.Zone™ On-line Meditations now available on-line NeuroYoga.Zone™ Meditations integrate the latest neuroscience with the wisdom traditions of Meditation and Mindfulness to quicken obtaining inner balance by using “NeuroPatterning”.
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2019 Total Health Summit™ -Tuesday, September 24, 2019
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NeuroYoga.Zone™ introduces its "Be a Buddha Badass" series of apparel, homeware and accessories.
NeuroYoga.Zone Offers Affiliate Programs in addition to it's core store products and services
These Neuroyoga.Zone offerings are designed to help individuals participating in 12 Step programs to begin a new meditation or mindfulness practice or enhance their existing practice.
NeuroYoga.Zone Coaching -Monday, May 20, 2019
The NeuroYoga.Zone is now offering Life Coaching, "Yoga2Life" (tm) Coaching, or Meditation or Mindfulness Coaching Sessions.