Yoga for Trauma Relief

Yoga has been practiced in the East for thousands of years, and its practitioners have claimed numerous health-promoting benefits: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Until recently, however, these effects have not been quantified scientifically. However evidence based neuroscience has changed perceptions of this ageless ancient science. The compelling research1 of Bessel A. van der Kolk on the effectiveness and positive physiological effects of yoga for trauma recovery.

A recent study (2014) indicates that Yoga significantly reduced PTSD symptomatology. The study showed that a 10-week, weekly specifically structured yoga program can significantly reduce posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms in women with chronic treatment-resistant PTSD, compared with a supportive therapy group.

Image of healthy brain vs PTSD

At the end of the study, depression scores of both the control group and the yoga group declined significantly and, in the control group, continued to improve, even as their PTSD scores relapsed. While the control group may have significantly improved their mood, there was not a sustained reduction in PTSD symptomatology. Comparatively, 52% (16 of 31 participants) in the yoga group no longer met criteria for PTSD compared to 21%)(6 of 29 ) in the control group. That’s a compelling difference. 31% more.

While the study included only treatment-resistant adult women with chronic PTSD secondary to interpersonal assaults that started in childhood (They had major comorbid problems with depression, anxiety, and affect regulation), it demonstrates the effectiveness of a specific approach to yoga in the relief for anyone suffering from complex trauma or PTSD. The physical and interoceptive (the perception of bodily signals and body awareness) aspects of yoga, rather than the social dimensions of typical therapy groups, were the critical variables responsible for the change in PTSD symptomatology.

While many versions of Yoga exist and it is practiced by 20 million people according to a Yoga Journal Study, very few standard yoga programs are appropriate for individuals dealing with Complex Trauma and PTSD according to a presenter at the recent 2018 Healing Trauma Summit. These individuals should seek programs that are adapted to their specific needs and based on the evidence science for relief of Complex Trauma and PTSD. The NeuroYoga.Zone 'Yoga for Trauma Relief" programs meet that criteria.

Image of healthy brain vs PTSD

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